700 Series T8 Lamps Discontinued

Seeking to improve energy efficiency, new U.S. Department of Energy regulations are discontinuing the production of 700 Series T8 Fluorescent Lamps as of 7/14/14. All users of this product will need to upgrade their property's lighting systems to meet the new requirements.

The limited supply of 700 Series T8 lamps not only means you need to upgrade to a more energy efficient product, it also implies that prices will be rising as stock diminishes. To avoid increased costs and adhere to the new energy requirements, C.R.I. recommends switching to either a 28 or 32 Watt 800 Series lamp, which you can simply plug straight into your existing T8 Fixture.

The California Retrofit, Inc. 800 Series Lamp

Our California Retrofit Brand 800 Series T8 lamps are certified by for use in every public utility program across the United States, and have been installed in thousands of businesses under the Southern California Edison Direct Install Program in California. While Osram Sylvania, Phillips and GE’s prices for fluorescents remain high years after the “phosphor crisis” of 2011, our direct manufacturer relationship allows us to pass our cost savings on to the customer. 

Our 800 Series T8 Lamps are rated for 30,000 hours and are available in 32 and 28 watt. These can be plugged straight into your existing 700 Series T8 fixtures.

Need More Time?

We still have a large supply of 700 series lamps available and will be able to fill orders on a “first come first serve” basis through this transition. 

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