Bank of America Plaza generates more than $100,000 in Energy Savings

Bank of America Plaza is one of the most prestigious office properties in Los Angeles. Completed in 1974, it was the first high-rise structure to tower over the downtown cityscape. Today, it is a model of energy efficiency, featuring cutting-edge technologies that minimize power consumption and utility bills.

When the time came to upgrade the lighting equipment in the skyscraper’s 1.8 million sq. ft. underground parking garage (which happens to be one of the largest such structures in Los Angeles) Brookfield Properties trusted California Retrofit Inc to handle the complex project.

Recognizing the potential for dramatic energy savings, C.R.I. introduced them to the DEMANDflex™ ballast from Universal Lighting Technologies which feature an adjustable ballast factor so that installers can “tune” ballasts to the exact power level required for the customer environment. This eliminates the common problem of over lighting an area and wasting energy.

Brookfield gave the green light for C.R.I. to replace all of the one-lamp and two lamp T12 ballasts in the parking garage with 2,882 new DEMANDflex two-lamp T8 ballasts.

Each ballast was adjusted to 75-percent power during installation, which still provides over five foot-candles of light to ensure ample light and safety inside the garage.

“Safety was the most important factor in setting the power levels,” said Kevin Devine, Director, Engineering, for Brookfield Properties’ Southern California Portfolio, “We were able to achieve significant energy savings while still providing enough light that everyone with a stake in the project was completely comfortable, including the building’s tenants.”

The annual reduction in utility costs has exceed $100,000 per year, and the entire project paid for itself in energy savings in less than two years. Additionally, the retrofit reduced carbon dioxide emissions in California by more than 395 tons per year.

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