President's Message

President's Message

“It’s all about changing environments—climate, regulatory issues, business and consumer perceptions all are changing, moving us all towards a ‘greener’ way of doing business.”

California Retrofit, Inc. (C.R.I.), a family owned and operated business was founded in 1986, and its main goal was to provide cost effective lighting maintenance solutions to businesses in Southern California.  Since then we have evolved with the market, expanding our ongoing maintenance division for major grocery store chains, multiple property management companies, complete lighting retrofits for thousands of customers, and continuing on to become one of the largest independent contractors for Southern California Edison.

Today, the market focus on energy efficiency continues with an emphasis on LED and Lighting Controls.

Lighting retrofits that incorporate LED and/or Lighting Controls are able to reduce energy requirements up to 85%, making them a no brainer for businesses whose profit is threatened by the already rising energy and ongoing maintenance costs.  Field data from the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub and Carnegie Mellon University reveal consistently that any investment in lighting upgrades will pay off, as lighting is the most strategic way to conserve energy and to improve the visual conditions for task performance and occupant health.  The benefits to employees and the environment bring long-term rewards that more than compensate for initial investments.

We are happy to help you maintain any lighting system you may have; from HID, to Induction, to Fluorescent.  With almost 30 years in the business, our team of experts has seen it all.  We have a wholly owned distribution company that allows us to sell replacement parts to our customers at a tremendous price advantage, and a team of technicians ready to provide monthly or on-call maintenance solutions.

But if you are a business utilizing older lighting technology, I encourage you to investigate our site further and learn how a lighting retrofit can benefit your business. Now is the best time to take on such a project, as utility rebates and tax incentives may never be higher than they are today.  At the end of the day, a lighting retrofit is the fastest and most cost-effective way to lower your operating expenses and increase your profit margin; and is a smart decision for any business owner.