Protect your investment

Protect your


Lighting systems are designed assuming that they will be maintained on a regular basis. No matter how good the original parts and installation may be, the quality and quantity of light will deteriorate with time. Allow California Retrofit, Inc. to mitigate these effects with one of our lighting maintenance solutions!

Spot Replacement


Service and spot replacement for individual failed lamps can be provided anytime by calling customer service. We can also set up recurring appointments to swap out any failed lamps.

Group Re-lamping & Fixture Cleaning

Group relamping is a preventive maintenance strategy where groups of similar lamps are replaced before they fail and require individual spot replacement. This is the most economical maintenance choice for commercial and industrial facilities. Programs are normally performed at 2 or 3 year intervals (depending on lamp type and hours of use annually). Maintenance can be economized further by combining group relamping with fixture cleaning. This involves removing dirt, dust and other build up from lamps, lenses, and reflectors which block light and alter distribution. Fixture cleaning should be performed about every 3 years.

Full Service Lighting Maintenance Contracts

Full service lighting maintenance contracts involve group relamping with on-going regular inspections. After the initial relamping and fixture cleaning, regular maintenance calls and inspections are set at appropriate intervals. Under this program we can offer same day and emergency services to address any immediate issues that may arise.

Be proactive when it comes to safety on your property with routine lighting maintenance and prompt repairs. Call California Retrofit today!