Ultrasonic Pole Testing


Pole Testing

Though rust may seem like a simple cosmetic issue initially, any experienced facility owner will tell you that rust damaged lighting poles are a significant threat to your property’s safety and your business’s pocket book.
Rust wreaks havoc on the stability of your poles from water trapped inside the base. The majority of damage is often not visible to the naked eye, so most customers are blindsided when their poles fall over- injuring people, damaging property and running up substantial repair costs.

Do not be blindsided by costly lighting pole accidents! Mitigate your risk with an Ultrasonic Pole Test from California Retrofit Inc. An inexpensive ultrasonic pole test is the only sure way to detect the level of rust and corrosion accumulating invisibly inside your poles. Unsafe poles are identified, qualified, and can be replaced before any accidents, claims, or outages occur. With an Ultrasonic Pole Test from C.R.I, we provide a detailed report including:

Protect your business and your wallet! Call California Retrofit, Inc. today to schedule an Ultrasonic Pole Test with one of our skilled technicians!